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Convention Registration Form

PLEASE register using the link above or the form in The Quiver so we can be prepared.

NOTE: For 2020, we will use an abbreviated Convention schedule.
Events will be compressed into a single day (Saturday) with the following plan:

9:00 AM         Board Meeting
11:00 AM       Committee Meetings
12:00 Noon    Delegate / Guest Check-in and Lunch
1:00 PM         General Session Begins
                             Tournament Calendar Setting
                             Election of Officers for 2021
5:00 PM        Adjourn

On the fourth weekend in October, archers from all across Washington gather at a single location to review the year past and to plan for the upcoming year. 

The event usually begins with some social activity on Friday evening with a casual start as participants arrive in town.

Saturday’s activities fill most of the “review” function of the Convention, as each of the Officers, Board, and Committee Chairmen who are present are called on to report on the past year. After lunch on Saturday we get into the “planning for next year” as the scheduler presents the proposed Calendar of Events for the coming year, making additions, corrections, and adjustments as requested by the attendees.

The evening of the first day is a combination of social activity and remembrance. The Annual Banquet and Awards starts with mixer time. There may be various games available for fun and prizes. Silent auction items are displayed with open bid sheets. And several items are laid out for raffle prizes. The BIG item we all look forward to each year is the special quilt crafted by Karen Palmer. A wide selection of donated goods is set aside for the live auction after dinner.

We tuck into a banquet dinner, and then sit back for a review of events from the past year. The archers, tournaments, and hunts of our members are all commemorated. Awards presentation includes the Year Pins, Division Champions, and Archer of the Year. And the Big Game Chairman presents the Big Game Awards won from the past hunting season.

The evening concludes with active bidding on the live auction, close-out of the silent auctions, and announcement of the quilt raffle. These activities are fund-raisers for WSAA, to support our ongoing programs.

Sunday’s General Session is entirely focused on planning for the future. After some fine-tuning on the Club and Shop sponsored events on the Tournament Calendar, we review bids for the WSAA and Washington State Championship Tournaments for the coming year. There are three sites each for the WSAA Multi-Color Indoor and the WSAA Blueface Indoor as we distribute these events geographically to minimize winter pass driving. The other events include WSAA Safari, WSAA 3D, Washington FITA Field, WSAA Field Championship, WSAA Target Championship, Washington Indoor FITA, and the Washington FITA Outdoor.

 The final events of Convention are election of the Officers for the new year and caucus to select the District Trustees.

Although most of the attendees will be among the Officers, Board Members, and Committee Chairmen, plus delegates representing their Clubs and Shops, all of these activities are open to the public - as our status as a non-profit requires and as we hope to spread the word among archers and potential archers. There is a small charge to attend the business meetings, to cover the cost of room rental, handouts, and refreshments.

Members, guests, and non-members are particularly invited to attend the Saturday evening Banquet and Awards Presentation, to learn about our programs and activities, to recognize archer and bowhunter achievements, and to support the practice of archery and bowhunting in Washington.